Many cat owners face a dilemma when they are going on holiday or away for a weekend, or going on a conference or for other reasons have to leave the house for a few days. They want their cat to be well cared for while they are gone. They want their cats to be fed, have clean water and litterbox and be petted and groomed. A lot of cat owners – and often the cat itself – prefers that the cat stays at home rather than bringing it to a cattery or to stay with friends or family.

Are you facing a cat dilemma? We offer to take good care of your cat in the comfort of your own home, while you are away. Our visits include feeding your cat and filling up with clean water. We also clean the litterbox and pet and play with the cat(s). We hope that this alternative to catteries will help you when you face the dilemma of leaving your cat behind. We are doing it for your sake so that you will feel better about leaving the home without having to worry about the cat. But more than that, we are doing it for the cats, so that it may stay in the comfort of its usual surroundings while you are away. And finally, we do it for ourselves – because we love spending time with cats.